Agency @ Nome Gallery

Agency explores the power(lessness) of the individual in a time where technological capital lies disproportionately with big business and governmental institutions. The exhibition doesn’t provide solutions to this problem, but it portrays our humanity with grace and compassion, and defiantly reclaims tools and symbols of state repression as material for myth-making, -busting, and artistic exploration.

The role of the myth in the exhibition is twofold. Primarily it appears as a nostalgic element and reminds us of our pre-scientific device of making sense of the external world. Secondly, it serves to expose our impressionability, hoping to safeguard us from mass manipulation(and self-deception).

‘Alchemy Studies’ by Ingrid Burrington. (iPhone dust, crustals, resin) & ‘The Limerent Object’ Sophia Al Maria (Digital video work)

Constant Dullaart’s ‘PVA Composition’ shows us a plate of sim-cards he used in the verification of fake accounts that, in turn, can be used to amass online status and authority through an appearance of popularity. This exposes the tools of the influential business of bot making for the purpose of social media manipulation.

Navine G. Khan Dossos’ series of works titled ‘Cascades I – VIII’ at first glance might look like Arabic ornamental pieces. But after closer inspection, one discerns highly politicized symbols like the flag of Saudi Arabia and the Twitter logo.

One of the ‘Cascades’ by Navine G. Khan-Dossos

The absolute showstopper I find to be ‘Wikileaks – A Love Story’ by Anna Ridler. Here, the viewer can scan piles of Wikileaks documents with an IPad to reveal an email exchange, between a ‘Chanel’ and a ‘Jay’, embedded within – a love correspondence so affectuous it borders on pitiful. While the work is unmistakably funny, the way it exploits its subjects also alarms and might even prompt the viewer to consider the precarious state of their own privacy by the effect of Fremdscham alone.

‘Wikileaks – A Love Story’ by Anna Ridler

Curated by James Bridle

Featuring works by Morehshin Allahyari, Sophia Al Maria, Ingrid Burrington, Navine G. Khan Dossos, Constant Dullaart, Anna Ridler, Suzanne Treister

Agency enters its last week at Nome Gallery. Through December 7th.

Open from Tuesday to Saturday, 3pm – 7pm

Glogauer str. 17  10999 Berlin

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