Sam Heydt – Apocalypse Yesterday @ Bardohl&Scheel


In Apocalypse Yesterday, at Bardohl&Scheel, Sam Heydt shows a series of collages consisting of movie imagery, war photography and vintage advertisement. The exhibition takes the self-deception of the post-war American middle class – i.e., the narrative created by tabloids, television, and cinema – as a leading motive, and sidesteps into iconographically related themes.

By combining images of destruction and disaster with images portraying the virtues and ideals of the 1950’s, Heydt confronts the American Dream with the ecological nightmare advanced industrialization is responsible for.
In other works she also involves the blatant sexism of the era, but does so with much less artistic intervention. Here her eagerness to make use of the vintage esthetic defeats the critical component of the work.

Although Heydt’s approach to collage often transcends the simple cutting and pasting we associate with the medium, I wonder what her work could visually amount to were she to approach it more radically, with less respect for the source material. That being said, her work strongly communicates concepts without spelling them out, which is an accomplishment in a medium so prone to inanity.

At Bardohl&Scheel

Altenbraker Str. 5, 12053 Berlin

18 Oct 2018 – 6 Jan 2019

Open Wednesday to Friday from 14 – 18h or by appointment.

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