Kathrin Sonntag – Things Doing Their Thing @ KINDL


At KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art, Neukölln, Kathrin Sonntag took over the second floor with a solo titled Things Doing Their Thing.

Through the recontextualization of images and objects, she created an all-encompassing exhibition that’s not only incredibly entertaining but also ambitious.
Her approach is very analytical as is not unusual in good photographers, and she brings this quality to a variety of other methods of creating such as juxtaposition, collage, and installation. She presents the objects in such a way that their shapes reveal unexpected similarities to other things, and their primary functions become awkwardly displaced. In this way, the objects in the exhibition really do “… resist habitual readings and in some cases develop a strange life of their own …” as the pamphlet reads.

Sonntag’s keen sense for presentation also permeates her activities, so masterfully that the site-specific installation Problems and Solutions in the exhibition doesn’t even feel orchestrated. Here scaffolding, tools, and equipment ostensibly used in the construction of the exhibition are now an integral part of it, confusing the distinction between artful presentation and the ordinary situation these objects are found in.
Much to the same effect, around this installation, felt carpet underlays demarcate the other parts of the exhibition, allowing the separate parts of her practice to orderly co-exist within the exhibition.

Although Sonntag engages you in a heady semantic puzzle, one encounters profound and joyous moments in the show, too. Especially her collage series Dinglinge, and the juxtaposing Atlas Serie are wonderfully uncomplicated, and bring about the semantic/philosophical inquiries in her work much more directly.

Kathrin Sonntag – Things Doing Their Thing

At KINDL, Maschinenhaus M2
Address: Am Sudhaus 3

September 9th 2018 through January 27th 2019

Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 12-6 pm

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